Sounddesign to the Video by Alexandra Midal “Domestic Psycho” for the Exhibition “home (very) sweet home” curated by Alexandra Midal & Matthieu Lelièvre.

generique avec voix domestic psycho from Alexandra Midal on Vimeo.

With the exhibition HOME (very) SWEET HOME, Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac has imagined an apartment in which works of art and objects of decorative art are used to stimulate the spectators’ senses, their emotions, and their mood. The visitor reproduces the movements of the seducer in La Petite Maison (The Little House), a 1758 novella by Jean-François de Bastide in which a libertine wagers that he can seduce a woman simply by exposing her to the beauties of his little house. As the story unfolds, the reader is shown the gradual effect that the aesthetics of the house have on the sensual desires of the two protagonists.
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